For those individuals that have been attending Faith Church for a while and are wanting to take their commitment to the next level, we would love to help make you a covenant member of our Faith family.  We believe that membership at Faith Church is an important piece in our strategy to help you know the Lord and grow in Him.

Our membership classes are dependent upon prospective new members.  However, if you are interested in becoming a member, you can fill out our Friendship Pad in the sanctuary or contact a staff member, and we’ll guide you through that process.

Once you have publically professed your faith in Christ and attended one of our membership classes, you can become a covenant member of Faith Church.  We love adding members to our church, and we’d be more than happy to continue to disciple you through that process.

We believe becoming a member is an invaluable way for us to continue to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord.  We believe committing to a church is a biblical way to enjoy the community in which God has placed you.