Growth Groups

The second step in our mission as a church is growing.  We have intentionally created avenues through which you can develop your relationship with the Lord.  Our Growth Groups are the primary way you can really dive into our community, and we design them to enhance your growth as a Christian.

These groups get together, often once per week, to enjoy one another’s company and really do life together.  For most of our groups, discussion is created based on the weekly sermon and reading.  If you want to jumpstart your growth or get to know more people in our family, then we will gladly get you plugged into a Growth Group.  If you’d be interested in any of our groups, please email Naydean Julch.

We can introduce you to a group that is most convenient for you based on region or age range.  These groups are critical to what we’re trying to accomplish as a church.  Our Growth Groups will give you people who can walk alongside you through this life, and we believe God works in power when believers gather together in this way.