God wired all of us to be people of worship, and we would love to worship with you.  We are committed to creating a fellowship that is welcoming and loving, and our sincere hope is that you will consider worshiping the God of the universe with us in either one of our services.  These gatherings are the foundation of what we are seeking to accomplish as a group of believers, and we would love to see you plug into what God is doing here.


If you have been worshiping at Faith Church for some time, there are more opportunities for you to develop your relationship with the Lord and with others at the church.  First, we believe strongly that the Holy Spirit uses community to grow His people.  So, please join one of our Growth Groups.  We believe this is the next step in your discipleship as a follower of Christ.

Second, if God has brought you here for this season, then consider becoming a member of Faith.  We have regular membership classes, and we would love to sit down with you to confirm your covenant membership to our family.  One of our main goals is to see God transform your heart and draw you closer to Him, and these groups are one of our primary methods to see Him do that.


God has called all of His followers to be humble servants of His mission to bring the gospel to the world.  Once you have joined a Growth Group and have become a member of our church, we have a multitude of opportunities through which you can serve the Kingdom.  And, we want to give you freedom to find ways to serve the greater Denver area.  There is no shortage of ministry to be done in our community, and our prayer is that God will create a longing in your heart to fill some of those needs.