Stephen Hill

Church Administrator

I have a unique love and strong bond with Faith Church as I literally grew up at this church. I began attending as a toddler, was baptized here, accepted Christ here, and of course got married here. My heart for Faith Church is for us to continue to grow with the community and be a safe and welcoming place that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. For us to be a church that is a useful implement in God’s Kingdom, and to reach out through missions and church planting.

I spent two decades in Hotel and Restaurant management while I studied Biology, Chemistry and Genetics at the University of Colorado. I then answered God’s call on my life and came on staff at Faith Church as the Church Administrator in 2006.

I enjoy riding Adventure Motorcycles all over the world, Fly Fishing and building and flying Radio Controlled aircraft.

My wife Robin and I have been married for 12 years, and have three children; Ames, Ean and Ruth.

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Brian Pell

Youth & Young Adult Pastor

My hope for Faith Church is that we will be rooted in the gospel and passionately pursuing the Great Commission in the Denver/Aurora area. I am fascinated by the history of this church, and I strongly believe that the best years at Faith are in front of it.

I attended a small college in Pennsylvania where I played football and was involved in a number of other activities/ministries. However, football did not live up to my lofty expectations, which I later realized was God reshaping my life. During those frustrating months, He gently moved me to a love of theology and His church. I’ve been walking through open doors in ministry ever since.

One of those opportunities has led me to Faith Church, and I am committed to making disciples of the students here and to developing our second service. We’ve redoubled our efforts to build an infrastructure that is gospel-centered and geared towards discipleship. And, our team is hopeful that God can influence this great city through our church.

As I continue following where God leads, I hope to be the lead pastor of a church in the future. I’m also recently married to my beautiful wife, Kaitlyn.

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Tina Rea

Worship Leader

I grew up pretty outside of Christian culture and teachings. Instead, I spent my time playing rock'n'roll and sports and being with friends. These are good things, but they ultimately don’t fully satisfy the human longing. At the age of 20, I encountered the real Jesus, the King of the universe, and I’ve been all in since. The Lord has done some amazing things in my time knowing Him, including taking my love and passion for music and surrendering it and re-tooling it for His purposes. I am passionate about the encounter one can have of God’s presence in worship and how we are always changed by His touch. I am extremely humbled that I'm able to play music here at Faith Church as one of the many ways we GET to worship Him and encounter the One who loves us most.

My hope for Faith Church is to see God’s family here learn to live deeply in the Kingdom together, worship the One who loves us and to bring others into what God is doing here.

I am also extremely blessed to get to serve an inner city church in Denver called Scum of the Earth Church. Outside of working in ministry, I love playing in bands around Denver with my friends, being with the family of God and inviting others in to the Kingdom. And cookies. I really love cookies.

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Lauri DeCoopman


I am overwhelmingly in love with the family and dogs with which God has blessed me. I've been working for Faith Church for a number of years, and my hope is to see Him draw people to Himself.

My heart’s desire is to be with my Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit!

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Naydean Julch

Missions Secretary

From the day Jesus became my Savior at age 16, God began calling me to Missions. I’ve done some stumbling along the way, but His call and claim on my life have never diminished. As the days and years pass, it’s exciting to experience His leading and “assignments” in surprising ways. It is my pleasure to bring news of Missions to the Faith Church congregation and to facilitate the ministry of those God has called to fields all over the world, as well as across the street. My husband Albert joins me in this passion for every facet of “Go ye into all the world…”

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Karen Frost

Director of Children’s Ministry

“…make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” -Philippians 2:2

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” -Acts 4:13

I started going to Sunday school in first grade after attending VBS (vacation bible school) in Derry, NH. I remember getting a pin for perfect attendance and having snacks. Even though I rebelled against God as a teenager, I always believed He was in charge and loved me.

As the Children's Ministry Director I simply want to teach children that God loves them and to help them know how to worship him.

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